About ...

Abstretta is an idea I had about five years ago, but I was too busy with another start-up at the time to do anything about it. I was always frustrated whenever someone asked me to send them a copy of my resume because (a) I hadn't updated it in months (or years), and (b) I often forgot where on my drive I had put it. This was before the age of iPads ... which added another level of misdirection of finding things.

Plus, not all of my work history applied to whatever position I was looking at. Which meant I ended up with dozens of copies of my resume, along with snippets of cover letters, strewn all over my disk drive.

There had to be a better way.

So I built a system that would allow resumes to be assembled based on selecting tags. That would tell me if someone had actually viewed my resume. That would let me maintain multiple job-search tracks. That would incorporate cover letters. And that would allow people to respond to my resume right from the document.

What does "Abstretta" mean? It's a word I cobbled together. The word for "abstract" (which is another way of saying "resume") in Italian is "Astratto". That had the right kind of feel to it. I wanted something that was kind of elegant sounding, professional. So I mashed it up with "abstract" and out came "abstretta".